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At Oakshed & Sons, we propose a complete range of highly efficient, qualitative and harmless product. Most of them use a majority, if not 100% of readily biodegradable* ingredients!  Oakshed & Sons proposes the first allergen free car cosmetic range on the market.


* readily  biodegradable : having the natural ability to biodegrade to its natural state when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity, from 60-100% in 28 days. The rest will in the 28 next ones. 

N°1 Shampoo & Wax


Our Oakshed #1 Shampoo & Wax delivers a high qualitive and luxurious wash for your car's exterior.


N°2  Wheel Cleaner


Our Oakshed #2 Wheel Cleaner is a powerful waterless high-foaming formula that will remove brake dust without harsh acids or heavy solvents. 

N°3 All Purpose Degreaser


Oakshed #3 All Purpose Degreaser does the work for you: spray on the surface and all grease, oil, dust and dirt dissolve with ease.


N°4 Liquid Wax


Bring out the gloss and shine of your paint with Oakshed #4 Liquid Wax. 


N°5 Polish & Wax


Our Oakshed #5 Polish & Wax removes light to moderate swirl marks, scratches and imperfections from the paint.   

N°6 Waterless Cleaner


Our bestseller! Wash and wax your vehicle in one easy step with our Oakshed #6 Waterless Cleaner! No water needed!

N°7 Quick Detailer


Our Oakshed & Sons N°7 Quick Detailer is a terrific instant gloss & shine solution.


N°8 Leather Care


Our Leather Care is a 2-in-1 cleaner and conditioner for your car's interior and motorbike saddle.

N°9 Cockpit Spray


Our N°9 Cockpit Spray is a protection and a conditioner that restores dashboard as originally in your car: mat! 

N°10 Textile Cleaner


Our non-toxi and biodegradable formula is made to remove spills and spots from carpet and upholstery with ease in no time!


N°11 Insect & Window


Our 2-in-1 formula is developed to safely remove insects from your vehicle’s exterior surfaces with ease and for daily cleaning of vehicle windows.

N°12 Black Tire


Our N°12 Black Shine conditions and protects your tires in one step for an non-greasy result. 

Beware: special attention is required for motorbikes !

Starter Kit 'Basic'


Our Starter Kit 'Basic' shares 6 products in their "mini-size" (60 ml) to try out and make sure it fits your need! We are sure it will! 


Starter Kit 'Next Steps'


Enjoy a completed experience with our 'Next Steps' set, with one of each of the 6 remaining caring references! 


Toolbox Deluxe


Enjoy our filled vintage-looking wooden toolbox, allowing to have the 6 exterior caring products ready in one go (from N°1 to N°6). 

Full Set (N°1 to N°6)


One of each! Enjoy a complete experience with our set, with one of each of the 6 exterior caring references! 


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