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Behind our project, we find an idea, a motivation and the right amount of craziness.

More seriously, it all began thanks to a passion shared through legacy: having a deep personal interest for the beauty of objects, our founder, Arnaud has been growing in a car environment as he, his dad & his brotherhood started a small car and motorbike collection.


Rebuilding his vintage Triumph GT6 MkII from 1970 in the early 2000 and using it on a daily base was a first (yet unknown) stage in his car world - before stepping out of this day-to-day car environment after his studies.


After several years experience on various jobs in fast moving consumer goods industry, Arnaud surrounded himself with cleansing & car acting experts to build and develop Oakshed & Sons: a family of products that take care of our machines, our health and our environment.


The development continues as our user community increases with new car-lovers taking the step into something special: we call this our family.  It is all about legacy.


Because we have sons, because we are sons.

Where can you find us?

... and more to come!

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Oakshed & Sons is a brand of Barnery Sprl


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