N°6 Waterless Cleaner (16oz - 473ml)

Wash and wax your vehicle in one easy step with our Oakshed #6 Waterless Cleaner. Our unique blend of cleaning agents and polymers work to effectively wash and wax at the same time.

No water needed!

Our Oakshed #6 Waterless Cleaner will leave a beautiful mirror-like finish with UV protection that will last for long!

Ideal for use when out of home!



- Waterless

- Cleans and protects paint, side and rear windows, wheels and more

- Leaves a long lasting UV-protected finish

- Incredible mirror-like finish

- Do not use on tyres - they'll become slippery due to the wax


SECURTY WARNING: Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. 

#6 Waterless Cleaner

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How to use in not even 5 steps: 

1) Make sure the vehicle is cool to the touch

2) Shake bottle well

3) Spray directly onto the surface -  apply one panel at a time, work from top to bottom 

4) Gently wipe with a clean microfibre cloth 

5) Don't let dry, buff immediately to a shine using a second dry and clean microfibre !

Common sense caution: for excessive soiled surfaces (mud or sand) pre-rinse your machine first with water.



Filtered water, plant-derived surfactants (for cleaning: alkyl polyglycosides), polymer emulsion (for shine: dimethicone), soda ash, natural essential oils (fragrance), preservative (less than 0,05%).


Available in 473 ml (16oz) container & sprayer.


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