N°4 Liquid Wax (16oz - 473ml)

Bring out the gloss and shine in your car''s paint with Oakshed #4 Liquid Wax. The very easy & smooth application via hand or machine leaves a brilliant sparkling finish.

Our #4 Liquid Wax leaves a protective coating of Carnauba wax and polymers shield against rain, UV rays, bird droppings, , tar and more.

Our Liquid Wax is formulated to be used as many times as you wish !



- Easy spray-and-wipe formula

- Contains a high amount of carnauba Wax 

- No solvents nor abrasives

- Safe for cars, motorcycles, and even boats



SECURTY WARNING: Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

#4 Liquid Wax

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How to use in 1 step more than 5: 

1) Vehicle needs obviously to be clean

2) Best when machine in the shade and cool

3) Shake bottle well 

4) Apply the quantity of a teaspoon of Oakshed #4 Liquid Wax onto a soft dry microfibre cloth / machine application pad

5) Work into paint one section at a time using circular motions

6) Don't let the wax dry, remove immediately using a second microfibre towel. If darker traces remain, repeat the work on that spot.



Filtered water, light petroleum distillates, polymer emulsion, carnauba wax, mineral oil, oleic acid, vegetable glycerine (for cleaning: lauramine oxide, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine), vegetable glycerine, alcohol ethoxylates, carbomer, soda ash, preservatives (less than 0,05%), natural essential oil (fragrance).


Available in 473 ml (16oz) container & disc top cap.


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