Toolbox Deluxe

Enjoy our fiilled vintage-looking wooden toolbox, allowing to have all the products ready in one go.

Some spare room is left over for brushes, chamois and more!

No more used bottles all over the place and no need to hide your car cosmetics away! Carry your toolbox to your vehicle and enjoy!

We told you we want it to be easy!



- N°1 Shampoo & Wax

- N°2 Wheel Cleaner

- N°3 Motor Shine

- N°4 Liquid Wax

- N°5 Polish & Wax

- N°6 Waterless Cleaner

- Deluxe Wooden Toolbox

- 1 light Microfibre

- 1 Buffing Microfibre


Security warning of the products do apply here also.


170,00 €

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