Our mission

We develop & commercialise efficient, qualitative, harmless and biodegradable products that bring back the shine to our cars & motorbikes - offering the first allergen free range of automotive cosmetics on the market. 


The products are easy to use, respect our user’s health (no gloves/mask needed), our machine’s parts as well as our environment. 


We know 100% of biodegradable products is not yet achievable, but we only use the extra minimum needed of non-natural polymers to guarantee our products high efficiency. And we push our R&D to reach the biodegradable limit one step further.



Our vision

We want to touch the car amateur, the bike lover, and these people for which the road is the link to something special.


No need for exclusive cars, no need to have matching numbers, as long as your own number takes you where you want it to go. Modern or old, genuine or outlaw, perfect or imperfect, 1 4 6 or 8 banger, we don’t care, as long as the sound matches your own ear. 


Greasy engines, leathers tools, tasteful whiskeys and rhums, deep friendship and love, a lost caban and a desert bond fire, the horizons is the freedom. 


As long as you believe in your gentleman roots or your lady's heritage, the world will be yours. 


Welcome at OakShed & Sons, we were waiting for you.

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Oakshed & Sons | rue de Genval 4  | 1331 Rosières Email: info@oakshed.net


Oakshed & Sons is a brand of Barnery Sprl


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